The terms and conditions of the SSE50 Index Linked Exchange Traded Fund (1309) will be amended effective June 29, 2018.

Important points relating to the amendments:

  1. 1.The "SSE50 Index Mother Fund" will be excluded from the "Designated Investment Trust Securities", which outlines the investments that are applicable to this ETF. Nomura Asset Management (NAM) took this decision considering the possibility that NAM might be unable to continue managing this Mother Fund in the event of changes in the market environment or regulations, etc. Moreover, we are able to continue to manage this ETF within the guidelines of its product characteristics even if we exclude the SSE50 Index Mother Fund. In general, the manager is able to add new securities to the Designated Investment Trust Securities range or exclude the securities from the range.
  2. 2.Both Creation and redemption unit numbers are to be changed as follows:
    • <Previous>20,000 units
    • <New>10,000 units
  3. 3.Weighting limitations on the same Investment Trust Securities to be newly introduced:
    • <Previous>No limitation
    • <New>
      • 3-1Investment in the same Investment Trust Securities is limited to within 10% of the total net assets if it does not meet the case that its exposures can be examined, which is in compliance with the rules of the Investment Trusts Association, Japan.
      • 3-2In compliance with rules of the Investment Trusts Association, Japan, each exposure of equity, bond, and derivatives issued by one entity will be limited to 10% respectively, 20% in total. Adjustment will take place if the number exceeds the declared limit.